Moore Staff visit the building part 2

Teachers were excited to see their rooms and were impressed with the improvements. As you can see from the picture below, several of the rooms have the new lighting installed and it is bright. Lighting in the building will be on a motion sensor and will only come on when someone is present in the room. June 3rd was a great day-despite the rain! The Moore staff was grateful for the opportunity to get another look inside the building-possibly the last time until August. Walls are going up, beams are in place, and wires are everywhere!


Bright new classrooms!


Bundles of wires hanging from the ceiling.


Kindergarten classroom


If you have ever been inside Moore’s cafeteria you will recognize the space where the tables USED to be. Every other table will be removed and will be replaced with a window looking out the north side of the building. The remaining tables will be replaced with “tack boards”.


Windows will replace every other table, letting in lots of natural light.


Three GREAT Moore staff members tour the cafeteria.


And how about that new gymnasium? Last time staff was in the building it hadn’t even been started yet and here it is just a few days ago:


This photo was taken from the door of the school facing south. The area in the foreground will be a hallway running east -west and the gym is beyond the scaffolding.


And we can’t forget the nurse! He or she is going to have a great space located next to the main office with a separate cot room and washer and dryer. The photo below shows the tile on the walls in the nurse’s bathroom. All of the restrooms in the building will have this same tile. Looks good, don’t you think?


Nurse’s bathroom


Brand new nurse’s office


We got a look at some of the bookshelves and other storage units that will be in each classroom and they are fantastic! It will be so light in bright inside Moore Elementary.


Storage units just waiting to be un-boxed.


Whatever this is, we need a LOT of them!


We are all looking forward to meeting Moore Elementary School’s students and their families. This is an exciting time for Des Moines Public Schools and we are anxious to show off this beautiful  new building and all that it has to offer. The staff is already talking about moving into their classrooms and summer has only just begun.


Nicole, Dom, Cindy, Gary, Sarah, Alicia, Emily, Lisa and Susie check out an upper level classroom.


Meet Michelle, the IB Coordinator and Dom and Gary, two of Moore’s fabulous special education associates.


So much excitement-even about the new parent drop off area. Lisa Singer, Susie Jensen and principal Beth Sloan check out some plans.


Please check back soon for more updates. If you are interested in enrolling your child at Moore Elementary please call 515-242-8426 or email


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