Student of the Week

It’s official! We have rolled out the STUDENT OF THE WEEK at Moore Elementary and we couldn’t be more proud! What is student of the week? How does a student get nominated?

At Moore we have school-wide agreements to help everyone learn to best of their ability and to keep us safe. Those agreements are:

1. Care for each other and our school.

2. Follow directions.

3. Do your best and make learning fun.

4. Be safe.


The students of the week are those students that do their best to follow the school-wide agreements each week. They are nominated by their classroom teachers. Students of the week will have their picture displayed in the hallway and will have a special lanyard to wear all week. They will also receive a certificate and will get to eat lunch with Mrs. Sloan. We are very excited to showcase our wonderful students. They are caring, reflective, principled, inquirers, knowledgeable, open minded, balanced, risk takers, thinkers, and communicators!

Congratulations to our very first students of the week!

They are:

Kindergarten-Gwendalyn, Connor and Leilani

1st Grade-Gabbi, Samra, and Owen

2nd Grade-Creighton

3rd Grade-Kenadi

4th Grade- Carmella and Mar Sar

5th Grade-Jeremy

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