First grade explores the difference between goods and services

First graders welcomed nine visitors to Moore on Friday January 29th to help them learn about goods and services and different jobs in our community. Our visitors included a lawyer, architect, security guard, volunteer, nurse, school administrator, and several small business owners. Students had the opportunity to interview their guests to learn more about what each career entails. Inquisitive minds wondered all kinds of things from “What do you do?” and “How do you help people?” To “Do you have 1,000 paper clips?” First grade will continue with this unit for two weeks before moving on to the next. We are so grateful to our guests for their time and we hope they will come and see us again soon.



Thank you, Mr. Lorentzen! Students were fascinated to learn what an architect does and couldn’t get enough of the model you shared.

Jack and Shujaa

Mrs. Manroe’s class works hard on taking notes as they interview guests.


Thank you, Mr. Jackson for sharing your work with Moore’s first graders. they were very curious to learn what it is a lawyer does!

Mr. Al Donut Hut

Mr. Al, owner of Donut Hut, was a huge hit with students. Thank you for your time and the donuts! You always take such good care of us.

Mr. Kevin-security guard

Our very own Mr. Kevin is one of the hardest working people we know! He shared with students what it is like to work in food service at Moore. And students were shocked and impressed to learn that Mr. Kevin has a second job as a security guard.


Thank you to nurse Shelly for taking time out of your day to educate our first graders on what is is that nurses do.


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