Skating Party December 2015

Moore Elementary had our first skating party on December 8, 2015. Many thanks to Kathleen J. for organizing and ensuring the night was a success. Approximately 60 people showed up to enjoy some quality family time at the skating rink and a good time was had by all. Moore’s  kindergarteners and their families showed up in force and took advantage of some special equipment to help keep them on their feet.  Thanks to everyone who came out and joined us. We hope you will join us next time!





Kindergartener Nora roller skates for the very first time!


Nora and Parker take a break from skating to play a little foosball.

Little skater

One of the littlest skaters gets by with a little help from dad.

Skating party

Fifth grade was well represented, too.

Kinder skaters

A group of kindergarten friends takes their skating very seriously!