Moore students are learning about rhythm

Music students in second through fifth grades have been studying rhythm with Mrs. Spear. They have been working in small groups to create songs using rhythm.  On November 18th and 20th they had the opportunity present their songs to their whole class. Public speaking isn’t easy but they did a fantastic job of sharing their talents! This project was the perfect opportunity to work on being cooperative and good communicators.

Mrs. Spear - Copy

Mrs. Spear visits with A’Ni about rhthym.

Saige and Alexis - Copy

Saige and Alexis worked hard on their song and did a great job presenting to the whole class.


Kelly and Jace were concentrating hard!

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Bentley clapped along to the rhythm of his song.

Evie and Gabby

Evie and Gabby wrote about falling leaves.

At the Window

A’Ni and Destinee work on their song in the music room.

Handwritten music - Copy

Close up of music Moore students are talented and hardworking.


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