What was life like in 1850?

Second grade students in Mrs. Askvig’s and Ms. Singer’s classes spent the day learning just as students would have done over 150 years ago! There was no technology in the classroom and each student was only given limited paper and a pencil to draw a map of their community and small chalkboards and chalk to work math problems.

making maps 2

Ms. Singer, were there malls in 1850?


Lunchtime was also quite different. Students made biscuit and jelly sandwiches and rounded out lunch with carrots and apples. Each student tried their hand at wrapping their lunch in brown paper tied with twine-the 1850’s version of a lunch box!


She’s not convinced that this throwback lunch is going to cut it!

making lunch

Working hard to make lunch.

making lunch 3 making lunch 2

Even recess was experienced “old school!” After eating their lunches outside second graders played Red Rover, Red Rover and worked on learning how to tie knots with twine. It was a great day to be in second grade. Many thanks to Mrs. Askvig and Ms. Singer for their creativity and willingness to think outside the box to make this a great experience for Moore second graders.

recess time to line up

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