Fourth Grade Health Fair

Mrs. Jackson’s fourth grade class has been learning about leading a healthy lifestyle and all the ways they can achieve that. From mental, physical and nutritional health there were lots of examples of how to live a healthy life and all were smartly displayed in the Media Center on March 7th at the Fourth Grade Health Fair. Guests learned that smart food choices can reduce stress as well as help heal our bodies

Health fair 1

Blueberries are delicious AND good for you, too!

Health fair 2

Carrots are a great snack choice!

Health 14

Did you know that apple juice is a great source of vitamin C?

Health fair 3

Did you know that sailors on long voyages were prone to scurvy? Vitamin C proved to be the cure.

Students shared that healthy eating can even affect the amount of stress we feel.

Health 4 Health 5

Make sure and ask your student what they learned at the health fair today.


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