What in the world is happening to our yard?!

Have you driven by school lately and seen lots of activity and piles of dirt in our yard? We are excited to share that Moore is getting a new walking path. With thanks to the district and Polk County for their contributions and parent Erin H. for her hard work we will soon be enjoying the benefits of a paved path on the east side of the building. We are  so excited to have one more way to enjoy the outdoors and hope you will enjoy using it as well. Stop by and see the progress!

This section of our new trail is along the fence on the east side of the building. It will go AROUND the tree. How cool is that?!

path with forms working on the forms


This photo was taken around 10:00 on Monday, March 20th. They have already made so much more progress! It has been impressive to watch.

If you student is in Mrs. Alrbight’s, Mrs. Jackson’s, or Ms. Winder’s rooms ask they what they saw today. They had a front row seat to all the action!

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