A recent visit to Moore showed just how much progress is being made. There is so much activity going on and every day is one day closer to a brand new Moore Elementary School.  The new gymnasium is going to be fantastic! Crews were busy laying bricks last week. If you haven’t driven by lately-you should!

DSCN9672 DSCN9674The classrooms and office spaces are taking shape as well. The media center is going to be state-of-the art with fabulous technology and beautiful furnishings. A wall was removed and the day of our visit there was a beam just waiting to be put in place, as you can see in the first photo below. The second shows the beautiful fabrics and surfaces that will be used to make the media center a place where students will want to be.

DSCN9652DSCN9679The rest of the building is coming along nicely, too. The cafeteria makes a great place to store large boxes and building materials but in just a few short months it will be full of Moore students. You can see from this picture how much “stuff” it takes to renovate a school.DSCN9645DSCN9648 DSCN9646

And how great to see the American and Iowa flags still hanging during construction. A fitting tribute for Memorial Day.




Check back soon for more photos and updates. Another visit is planned in the next few weeks. We are excited to see how much things will have changed by the time we get inside again.

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