That looks like a parking lot!

A lot of  the mud on the east side of the building has been replaced with a parking lot! This is big news if you have been watching the progress at Moore. The geothermal system is located underground and was a soggy mess with all the rain. However, if you drive by the school now you will see the new visitors parking lot. Progress has been made on the parent drop off lane on the south side of the building as well. You can see part of the new “driveway” in the photo below as well as the playground pad. If you haven’t driven by lately you should! If the lights are on you can see that some of the rooms have been painted and the new lights have been hung. Kudos to the construction crews that have been working hard to create a first class school.



Playground pad July 2015

Part of the new parent drop-off “driveway” and the playground pad on the south side of the building.


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